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which was to proceed to Constantinople, and submit the remonstrances of the Jews to the Government of the Sultan. The Council, therefore, deemed it inadvisable to intercede so long as the Jewish subjects of the Sultan had an opportunity to defend their own
Influential representatives of the Anglo-Jewish Association brought to the notice of the Council the benevolent treatment which His Imperial Highness the Prince Governor of Ispahan had accorded to the Jews residing in the several provinces which are placed under his control. Amongst other acts which characterised the generous disposition of that Prince stands the following declaration
Apart from His IVIajesty's orders to the Persian officials to give equal liberty and. rights to all his subjects without distinction of caste and creed, we have ourselves specially endeavoured to promote the condition of Christians and Jews under our jurisdiction, and have always taken a special interest in them.
This example evidently exercised a proper effect upon the Governor of Bushire, who according to the issued a proclamation to warn
the Mahomedans that they would incur the severest penalties if they dared to molest or annoy their Jewish fellow-townsmen.
It being desirable to give the fullest recognition to the noble sentiments of the Prince Governor of
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