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sequent days, wlien Sir Julian Groldsmid and the Eev. Dr. Hermann Adler, as representatives of the Mansion House Committee, met representatives from various other countries, and joint action was concerted for the benefit of the refugees who had become the victims of persecution.
In consequence of the steps taken at Berlin, the Committees on the Continent and in London have divided the work, Berlin taking charge of the selection and despatch of refugees coming on German soil, and Vienna, with the able assistance of the Lemberg Committee (under the presidency of the indefatigable Director Lazarus,) performing the same work at Lemberg and Brody. The Mansion House Committee makes all arrangements for transmitting the emigrants to the United States and to Canada, and up to the present time, through its agency, about 6,000 persons have been sent to their future homes. The amount which has been raised up to the present time by the Mansion House Committee is £74,000, in addition to which £13,000 have been sent from the Continent, part of this amount being intended for colonisation purposes. Independently of this fund large sums have been collected on the Continent, which are applied by the Committees in the various cities.
The Expulsion op Me. L. Lewisoiin from St. Petersburg.—Under this heading the Tenth Annual Report (pages 23-25) gave an account of the course pursued by the President of this Association up to
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