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Russia, the Association, in conjunction with the Alliance Israelite, gave its attention to emigration schemes, some of which emanated from Russia, others from the United States of America, and one, a carefully considered commercial project, from Canada. The Secretary of the Anglo-Jewish Association collected statistics, which the Council has directed to be published, and which will be found added to this Report.* The same Appendix contains the results of information he obtained during a visit to Plymouth in the month of December, when he had an interview with 150 Jewish emigrants from Russia.
Instructive information collected by Mr. B. L. Benas, President of the Liverpool Branch, was published in the Jewish press, on the state of the Jews in Russia, and on the fitness of emigrants to cope with the difficulties met by settlers in foreign countries.
, gradually supplemented by facts the numerous Russo-Jewisli convoys which passed through Liverpool and other towns' on their way to America, proved serviceable in replying to questions from many parts of the world.
The labours of the Association, in connection with the Russo-Jewish affairs, were found especially useful when Mr. F. D. Mocatta undertook his successful mission of bringing about an intimate inter-communication between the prominent members of the Jewish Communities at Paris, Berlin, and Vienna. This mission paved the way for the important Conference held at Berlin on the 23rd of April and sub-* See Appendix 0, pages 58-62.
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