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Benas, of Liverpool, likewise attended some of these meetings.
A memorable letter relating to the persecution of the Jews in Russia, and addressed by 246 Graduates of the University of Oxford, to the Rev. the Chief Rabbi, Dr. N. M. Adler, together with his reply, has been appended to the publication of the Mansion House speeches. The Universities of Cambridge, Utrecht, and Ley den, have followed the example of Oxford, and have joined in the assurances of sympathy with the Jews of Russia. In the Colonies, in India, and in America, Jews and Christians have vied with each other in giving substantial proof that they wished to see the Jews of Russia relieved from persecution and from oppressive want. It deserves to be noticed that the names of Hindoos appear in the list of contributors at Bombay.
In connection with the work undertaken for the relief of the Russian Jews, the Council have voted thanks to the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor of London, and to the organisers of the relief funds at Adelaide, Cape Town, Melbourne, and Sydney.
Although the conduct of the Russo-Jewish relief and emigration was undertaken by the Mansion House Committee, and its Executive Committee (of which Sir Julian Goldsmid, a Vice-President of the Anglo-Jewish Association, was appointed Chairman), yet the Council did not cease to participate in the performance of these duties, fraught as they are with great importance to the entire Jewish race. During the earlier stages of the persecution in
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