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Rev. B. Liciitenstein, President and Treasurer. fe. E. Shrimski, Esq., M.H.R., Vice-President. Maurice Joel, Esq., Hon. Secretary.
I. Benjamin, Esq. | Julius Hyman, Esq., J.P.
Ezekiel Nathan, Esq.
^ In issuing the Fifth Annual Report of this Branch, the Committee have to congratulate the members on the increase both in its financial and numerical position in comparison with former years. The number of members for the present year is 70, as against 57 last year.
The Committee and members are well aware of the terrible calamity which has befallen the members of the House of Israel in Russia; in many places they have lost all their substance, in others their lives have become the prey of their enemies. Deeds of violence have been committed on defenceless women and children. The laws of their country, from which they expected protection, have been powerless to save them from the fury of the populace, and thus our brethren in that land are not only overwhelmed with past misfortune, but tremble for the calamities that may yet come upon them. The victims are numbered by myriads. Already many thousands have fled from the land of sorrow, escaping with naught but their lives.
This piteous tale of woe reached the shores of the Australasian colonies in the month of September last, when a subcommittee was appointed by this Branch to collect subscriptions in aid of the sufferers, and it succeeded in collecting the amount of £337 3s., and after deducting expenses the sum of £315 13s. 5d. was duly remitted to the Treasurer of the Southern Russian Jewish Relief Fund.
In conclusion, the Committee again desire to draw the attention of the members to the great benefits that the Anglo-Jewish Association confers on those of our faith and race who
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