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A. M. Cohen, Esq., President. M. Goldberg, Esq., Treasurer.
Solomon M. Harris, Esq., Hon. Secretary.
J. Grunthall, Esq. W. Henry, Esq. M. Lotinga, Esq. H. S. Mendelsohn, Esq. Abraham Neuenberg, Esq.
Arnold Neuenberg, Esq. Isidore Sttmmereield, Esq. James Summerfield, Esq. Jacob Summereield, Esq.
The Executive of this Branch in presenting their fifth Annual Report much regret that they cannot congratulate the members upon the prosperous state of the Branch. It is their unpleasant duty to have to report a lamentable decrease of subscribers, which they are bound to attribute to the fact that the good objects of the Association and its widespread influence are not fully appreciated by the bulk of their co-religionists in this town. The Executive would suggest to the Parent Body the advisability of sending delegates to visit its Branches annually, by which means renewed interest might be awakened and fresh subscribers gained; for without some such stimulant but little hope for an increase of members to this Branch can be entertained. The Executive have pleasure in tendering their thanks to the Rev. A. Lowy, the esteemed Secretary of the Association, for his letters and willing aid whenever his assistance or advice has been needed.
_ closing this Report they beg to assure the Parent Body of their heartfelt sympathy with the good work carried on by the Association, and of their resolute determination to co-operate with them to the utmost of their ability; and the Committee earnestly hope that the sympathy of every true and loyal Israelite in this town may be awakened for the sufferings of
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