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for the relief of the Russian sufferers corresponded with the Bishop of Liverpool with a view to elicit local public opinion. A letter was received from his Lordship (see Jewish Chronicle of February 27th) advocating a general expression of sympathy.
Mr. Alderman Forwood took immediate steps to obtain a, requisition, addressed to his Worship the Mayor of Liverpool (John Hughes, Esq.), to convene a public meeting (February 2nd) at the Town Hall in order to pass resolutions condemning the atrocities perpetrated against the Jews in Russia. The requisition was signed by the Prelates of both the Established and Roman Catholic Churches, as well as by local Members of Parliament and the leading Christian magistrates, brokers, and merchants in the City. The Town Hall was crowded to the fullest extent; Baron Henry de Worms, M.P., and Mr. Serjeant Simon, M.P., attended as visitors.
A subscription list was opened by his Worship the Mayor, and Mr. Arthur Heywood, a prominent local banker, kindly acted as Treasurer; the Rev. Canon Taylor, D.D., a distinguished member of the Church of England, and the Rev. Samuel Pearson, M.A., a leading and much respected Nonconformist minister, acting as joint Hon. Secretaries. The fund realised about £2,500. The Committee desire to record their grateful thanks to his Worship the Mayor of Liverpool (John Hughes, Esq.) and to each and every member of the Town Hall Relief Committee, as well as the requisitionists calling for the public meeting. It is a source of deep gratification to the Committee that their townsmen, irrespective of creed, so chivalrously rallied to the calls of civil and religious liberty, giving their fellow-citizens of the Jewish religion convincing proof of their desire to recognise them fraternally in their united work for the prosperity of their City.
A meeting of the Jews of Liverpool was convened at the School-house, which was addressed by Mr. Serjeant Simon, M.P., by the Rev. A. Lowy, the Secretary of the Association, and the President of this Branch, especially to advocate the claims of the Anglo-Jewish Association. This elicited a considerable increase in the number of our members.
This Branch was authorised by the Mansion House Committee to adjudicate upon all urgent cases of Russian refugees in Liverpool, and to superintend the early convoys which passed through this port. From a very large convoy of sufferers who left by the SS. Illinois, February 15th, a verbatim report was taken in presence of several Christian gentlemen
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