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Aldebubgh, Suffolk,
August 28th, 1877.
Dear Sib,
I owe you an apology which. I beg you to accept lor the delay in answering your favour addressed to me at Durham during the late Assizes, and accompanied by the Sixth Annual Report of the Anglo-Jewish Association. I was so pressed with the work of the Assizes that I had not time to read through the Report during the circuit, and I must confess that I had but little inclination to read anything for a week or two after my return to town.
No one can peruse the Report without being shocked by the cruelties and the sytematic oppression and wrong which the Jewish Community have suffered in the Eastern principalities, treatment which would be a disgrace to any religious class, but which is especially so to those who profess to be actuated by Christian principle. The efforts which your Association is making to secure full political and civil equality are sure to enlist the sympathy and support of all your fellow-subjects. I have read, the report of your doings with great interest, and I heartily join with you in the hope that the time is not distant when this wicked persecution will cease and the members of your community will^ be reeognisec everywhere as fellow-citizens, entitled to the same rights, politica , civil, and religious, which, in common with all other denominations, they happily enjoy in this country.
I am, Dear Sib,
Yours truly,
Robeet Lush.
J. Zossenheim, President.
H. Worms, Honorary Secretary.
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£ s. d.
*Adam, M., Esq., Bond-
street . . . . 0 15 0 " Annual Friend " . .050 Aronsberg, Ralph, Esq.,
32, Boar-lane, Leeds .050 Ash, Julius, Esq., 19,
Cookridge-street . .11 Ash, Sigismund, Esq., 19, Cookridge-street . .11
Ash, Ludwig, Esq., 19,
Cookridge-street . .0 10 Behar, Isac Moise, Esq., Commercial - buildings,
Park-row, Leeds
. 0
£ s. d•
Bellforfc, S. A., Esq., 14G, Waterloo-rd., M'chester 0
Benjamin, Hyman, Esq.,
23, Trafalgar-street . 0 5 Blashker, Jacob, Esq., 38,
North-street. . .05 Blashki, M., Esq., 13,
Byron-street . . 0 o Bodlender, Abraham, Esq., 11, Yictoria-pl., Camp-road, Leeds . . .05 Brash, Isaac, Esq., Upper Mill-hill . • .0 10

* 6s. received too late for 1881 Report.
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