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The second Resolution, proposed by Mr. Bernard Josephy, and seconded by Mr. Jacob Sloman, was as follows :—" We the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association in Special General Meeting beg to tender our best thanks to the brethren of our faith for having by their timely and munificent aid alleviated much distress among our poor persecuted co-religionists in Southern Russia, and for their other efforts in the House of Commons and by Deputation on behalf of the same cause. We also trust that no opportunity will be lost of making such representations as may be necessary for the purpose of preventing further outrages."
Copy of a letter received from Alfred Wills, Esq., Q.C., Recorder of Sheffield, on. the occasion of his becoming an annual subscriber to the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, addressed to the Hon. Secretary:—
North-Eastern Circuit,
August 2nd, 1881.
Dear Sir,
I have pleasure in subscribing towards the funds of the Anglo-Jewish Association, which, to judge from the Report which you have been good enough to let me see, appears to be doing a great amount of useful and well-directed work, in a very practical and sober-minded fashion. It is a pleasure to me to have the opportunity of testifying my sympathy with the work of the Association and with its members.
Believe me,
Yours very truly,
Alfred Wills.
H. Worms, Esq.
Copy of telegram forwarded by the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association to His Excellency the American Minister in London, on the sad occasion of the death of the late President Garfield:—
"In this dark hour of affliction accept sympathy of Branch with Mrs. Garfield and family. God comfort them."
Reply to foregoing telegram, addressed to the Honorary Secretary, Mr. H. Worms :—
"United States Minister thanks Association most warmly for their expression of sympathy, which will be forwarded to Washington."
Copy of letter following above telegram, addressed to the Honorary Secretary:—
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