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what could not be carried off as plunder. Similar acts have been repeated in numerous other towns and villages where Jews had hitherto lived in undisturbed tranquillity. A panic has thus befallen even those Jewish communities in Russia who have not yet been attacked by their ignorant and easily excited neighbours. Crowds of Jewish persons, men, women, and children, are now drifting to and fro, not knowing where to rest their aching limbs. Distress reigns everywhere, and with this distress comes a mighty appeal to us Jews who enjoy all the blessings of uninterrupted security. We are asked to send our mite of pecuniary, assistance for the relief of those who belong to our race, and whose cry to heaven comes back to us, a cry which should not be left by us without a benevolent response. Leading Jews in Russia have formed a Belief Committee, and they are awaiting pecuniary help from every country where Jews reside. Our Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association have been requested to take up the case in right earnest. They are doing so. Immediately after the receipt of this terrible news some of our members put their names down for the aggregate sum of £1,000 ; yet the smallest gift, if it be only a shilling, will bring relief to starving creatures. All gifts in money should be made payable to the London firm of Messrs. Louis Cohen & Sons, 31, Throgmorton Street, E.C. You are requested to hold a meeting of the Branch to consider this urgent case and to do your best in order to bring comfort to unoffending brother Jews in Russia. This help in need is the most powerful protest which the Jews in a free country can offer in the presence of the outrages which have been committed at the instigation of unimprisoned criminals. You will confer an obligation if you will, as early as possible, inform me of the steps you have taken with regard to the Jews in Russia, and also of the results you have successfully obtained.
I am, Dear Sik, Yours truly,
A. Lowy,
The President, Leeds Bkanch.
Copies of Resolutions passed at the Special General Meeting of the Branch, held on June 8th, 1881:—
The first Resolution, proposed by Mr. Julius Zossenheim, President, and seconded by Mr. Henry Josephy, was as follows :—"We the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association in Special General Meeting hereby express our utmost horror and disgust at the frightful outrages committed on our co-religionists in Southern Russia, and trust that the Russian Government will do all in their power to prevent further excesses and to restore to our brethren their homes and property, and compensate them for any losses they have sustained."
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