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The Branch learnt with horror and indignation of the atrocious attempt on the life of Her Majesty the Queen, and rejoiced at her providential escape. The Parent Body having in the name of the Association addressed a letter of congratulation to Her Majesty, it was not deemed necessary for the Branch to take any direct action in the matter.
We should deem ourselves guilty of ingratitude towards the memory of one who was a true friend to the Association, and we should likewise fail to do justice to our feelings, were we to conclude this Report without expressing our deep and unfeigned sorrow at the irreparable loss which has fallen npon the country and this Association through the lamented demise of that learned and upright Judge, that benevolent and noble-minded man, the late Sir Robert Lush, Lord Justice of Appeal; but although he has passed away his memory will ever be revered and cherished, and his bright name ever remembered with affection and respect by the members of this Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
l&rcA 26M,
J. Zossenheim, President.
IIenit,y Worms, Honorary Secretary.
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Copy of an appeal made by the Anglo-Jewish Association, on behalf of the suffering Jews in Russia, addressed to Julius Zossenheim, Esq., President of the Leeds Branch, by the Rev. A. Lowy, Secretary:—
Anglo-Jewish Association in connection with the Alliance Israelite Universelle.
160, Portsdown Road, W.,
London, May 28th, 1881.
Dear Sir,
The calamities which have befallen our brethren in Russia must at the present time be well known to every member of our community. The Russian mobs were led like bloodhounds into the peaceful Jewish quarters of Elizabethgrad, in the province of Kherson, where thousands of Jewish families lived in comparative ease and comfort. They drove them from their homes after robbing them of their all in all, and after destroying
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