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Julius ZossenHeisi, Esq., President. Abraham Cohen, Esq., Vice-President. Paul Hirscii, Esq., Vice-President. Isaac Brash, Esq., Vice-President. Jacob Sloman, Esq., Treasurer.
Henry Worms, Esq., Hon. Secretary.

Julius Ash, Esq. Sigismund Ash, Esq. Edward Dayis, Esq. David Lubelski, Esq. Moss Cohen, Esq.
Henry Josephy, Esq. Morris Cohen, Esq. H. Klugman, Esq. Bernard Josepiiy, Esq. Rev. P. H. Forlezer.
S. Wolfson, Collector, 28, Belgrave Street, Leeds.
We have pleasure in placing on record the gratifying fact that the Branch has made such rapid progress during the past year, both with regard to its financial and numerical position, which statement can be easily verified by a reference to last year's balance-sheet and list of subscribers, that it can now vie with any of the Branches throughout England or the British Colonies.
After the issue of our Annual Report of last year, an urgent and pathetic appeal, a copy of which will be found appended, was made to us by the Parent Body, through the Rev. A. Lowy, Secretary, to endeavour to raise funds to assist our persecuted brethren in Southern Russia. In response to that appeal a Special General Meeting of the Members of the Branch was held at the Trevelyan. Hotel, Leeds, on June the 8th, 1881, when after passing resolutions, copies of which are annexed, condemning the outrages perpetrated upon our unfortunate brethren in Southern Russia, a sum of .£75 was subscribed, and that amount being further augmented through canvassing, reached a total of £98 7s., which sum was duly forwarded and made payable to the London firm of Messrs. Louis Cohen &
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