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George Simon, Esq., President and Treasurer. G. Bielefeld, Esq., Vice-President.
Rev. Dr. J. Strauss, Hon. Secretary.
L. Goldstein, Esq. | N. Nachbae, Esq.
M. Gottheil, Esq.
i A
Bradford, 24th April, 1882.
Our Branch consists of 58 members.
The year through which we have passed has been one of sore trial for our brethren in Russia, and the persecutions to which they have been subjected have not yet ceased. The Anglo-Jewish Association has a great task before it. An emigration on a large scale is being arranged, and thanks to the liberality of our countrymen, irrespective of creed, a large sum has been contributed to the fund which is now being raised for the purpose. We heard with pleasure of the memorable meeting held at the Mansion House on the 1st of February, and of meetings held in almost every English town, at which just indignation was expressed against the Russian barbarities. Our coreligionists in this town were not behindhand in their expression of sympathy with the afflicted Russian Jews; and although we made in August last a successful collection towards their relief, several excellent Jews, under the guidance of Mr. L. Fulda, are raising a second fund to be sent to the Mansion House. It is fervently hoped that at no distant date the Jews in Russia may be placed in the enjoyment of peace, liberty, and the common rights of humanity.
Joseph Strauss,
Hon. Secretary.
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