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being the one great means of enabling tlie Jews to raise themselves and assert their own position.
The services rendered by the Anglo-Jewish Association in the various phases of the Russo-Jewish affairs are described in this Report (pages 18-27). In the present brief outline it is sufficient to observe that owing to the widespread organisation of the Anglo-Jewish Association, a healthy tone of unanimity has been aroused amongst the Jewish populations throughout the globe. This unanimity has derived additional force from the pure sentiments of humanity which Christians, both in the Old and in the New World, have evinced in their powerful demonstrations of sympathy with the persecuted Russian Jews.
The foregoing survey of the year's work amply proves that the Anglo-Jewish Association, in unison with kindred institutions, has devoted its best energies to defend the interests of Jews exposed to persecution, and, at the same time, to persevere in its efforts to encourage the education of Jewish children in Eastern countries.
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