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countries, the Council have to make constant and urgent appeals to every one who concurs in the conviction that the judicious cultivation of knowledge is the best safeguard for all who have to struggle in the battle of life.
Although the resources of the Anglo-Jewish Association were crippled through the extraordinary calls made during the past year on the generosity of the public, the Council have, nevertheless, provided increased support for some of the great educational establishments in the East. Jewish communities, whose aggregate population has to be reckoned by hundreds of thousands, have in each instance received the subventions of the Anglo-Jewish Association in proportion to their actual wants.
The opening of Girls' Schools in the East has been strenuously and effectually advocated by the Council. The number of Girls' Schools is now being increased in Constantinople, and new schools are projected in various communities of Asia and Northern Africa. The inestimable advantages afforded by the existence of Jewish Girls' Schools are universally acknowledged, and it may, therefore, be confidently hoped that many friends of education will come forward to give their pecuniary help to the Anglo-Jewish Association, and will thus show how thoroughly they approve of the extension of Jewish culture. It is of vital importance that there should be no diminution in the encouragement of Jewish Education, and in the support of the Schools established in various localities; education
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