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is to be found in the furtherance of public instruction and of manual labour. The apprenticing of boys to various handicrafts must be encouraged. Every Jewish child must be put in possession of such knowledge as will lead the adult to earn a living. In this way alone we can prepare a bright future for this important section of the population of Smyrna.
9. There is one proposal which I am always desirous of bringing under the notice of the Alliance, and which I submit for the consideration of the Anglo-Jewish Association. It is this :—some intelligent young men should be sent to Paris and to London in order to be brought up in liberal professions. Such young men, when returning from Europe, would greatly benefit the position of the Jews in their native country. A few young men should be trained in Europe to follow the career of Rabbis. The present spiritual heads of Communities do not possess any secular knowledge, and are for the most part imbued with inveterate prejudices. Hence they do not exert any social influence, and instead of setting the example of peace and neighbourly love, they very often occasion social discord.
10. The Alliance has not yet founded in Anatolia any other school except the one at Smyrna. Schools should be established in—
Aidin, where there are Magnesia, „ „
Oasaba, ,, ,, ,,
. 500 families.
. 400 . 250 . 130
The Community of Rhodes, which consists of about 5,000 souls, is likewise in need of a school. The Jews in these several localities are, generally speaking, in straitened circumstances. Yet they are disposed to make sacrifices for the foundation of schools, but they would require generous help from the Alliance Israelite and the Anglo-Jewish Association. At Aidin and Pergamos, the Communities have procured plots of ground with the view of erecting school-houses. In the last-named community, as well as in Magnesia and Casaba, the Congregations would improve the condition of their Talmud Thora Schools, and the time is not far distant when formal application for subscriptions will be made with the view of founding good schools.
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