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tenth annual report.
In the past year tlie council voted £130 in aicl of the Smyrna Schools for boys and girls. The sum of £30 out of the grant was devoted to the payment of an English teacher. The Boys' School was attended by 15.9 pupils, of whom only 54 paid school fees. The Girls' School had 115 pupils, of whom 60 were admitted gratis.
M. Hazan, the teacher of the Turkish language at the Smyrna School, was preparing a Turkish grammar on the Ollendorff system, for the benefit of his pupils. In aid of this publication, Sir Nathaniel de Rothschild, Bart., M.P., kindly forwarded through this Association a gift of £10.
Sofia.-—Annual Subvention £60.—The Reports which the Sofia School Committee forwarded to the Council were highly satisfactory in every respect. The Bulgarian Government contributed 3,000 francs towards the salary of a teacher of the vernacular language. The Community, impoverished by the recent war, required help both for the maintenance of the Boys' School and for the organisation of the proposed Girls' School. The instruction which Jewish Girls were receiving in 11011-Jewish Schools, had proved to be most objectionable to unprejudiced Mends of education. The Council, therefore, gave especial attention, and with good effect, to the proposal of founding a Girls' School in Sofia. I he existing Boys' School was attended by 485 pupils, none of whom were able to pay school fees. Non-Jewisli pupils were admitted in this School.
Tunis.—Annual Subvention £120.—The Committee
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