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tenth annual report.
Constantinople. — Girls' Schools and Infant Schools.—In pressing appeals, received, first from Sign or and Madame Fernandez and subsequently from M. F. Block, the able Hon. Secretary of the Alliance Committee and Inspector of Jewish Schools in Constantinople, it was pointed out that the Jewish children in that city were in many instances deprived of every species ot instruction, or of such instruction as would keep the Jew a follower of his religious tenets. Statistics, lucidly drawn up, accompanied that correspondence. The Council, after taking into consideration the great advantages afforded by the twelve Schools now established in Constantinople, voted £140 in aid of the Girls' Schools, and £50 in support of the Infant Schools. Particulars respecting the several Schools will be found in Appendix C.
Corfu.—The Girls' School, which is under the supervision of Signor G. E. Levi, the Chief Rabbi of the Corfu Community, has been closed for some time in consequence of insufficient pecuniary support. A subvention of #20, which it was thought would suffice, was voted by the Council to overcome the difficulties experienced by the Managing Committee. On tiie subject of the Corfu School the Council were in com-munication with the Alliance Israelite when this Report was about to be issued.
Damascus.—For several years the Council have been engaged in the collection of statistics with the view of bringing about the establishment of a Jewisli School in Damascus, and they are indebted to several
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