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efforts to provide proper schooling for children who came within the scope of their charity. The Council, joining in the work of the Berlin Society, granted a subvention of £30 in aid of the Jerusalem Orphanage.
Dr. Herzberg having been appointed to the arduous post of Principal at that Institution, has secured the assistance of a staff of local Rabbis and other teachers, to give instruction to the pupils residing at the Orphanage. The fanatical party in Jerusalem have invented every species of calumny to injure the reputation of that Institution, for they seem to apprehend that their pecuniary resources will be curtailed through the introduction of a better system in public and in educational affairs. Ignoring the Orphanage already in existence, they issued an appeal inviting contributions for the establishment of a Jewish Orphan Asylum in Jerusalem, which they desired to have under their own immediate control.
The Council expect to receive in the course of the ensuing autumn a report upon the practicability of opening a public Jewish School in Jerusalem. In addition to the £200 which the Council voted two years ago for that purpose, and to the further sum of £100 which they voted towards the Cremieux Memorial Fund, the Manchester Branch has contributed in the present year £50 to the same Fund.
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