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Nab el to dispose of his merchandise, and calling at the house of an Arab he left his friend waiting outside. Soon afterwards a rumour was spread that the Jew had been murdered. The rumour proved, unfortunately, but too true. The assassins had put the corpse into a bag with the intention of transporting it to some hiding-place. A Custom-house officer, who suspected that the Arabs carried contraband tobacco, stopped them, and they, pretending that they were carrying such goods, were permitted to pass on, after bribing the officer with 100 piastres. The companion of the murdered Jew having followed them, succeeded in tearing open the bag, and saw therein a human hand. His screams frightened away the assassins, who took sanctuary in a Mosque.
This subject, on being communicated to the Anglo-Jewish Association, was brought to the cognisance of Her Majesty's Government, who instructed the Consul-General at Tunis to investigate the case, and if necessary to employ his good offices to secure the ends of justice. Subsequent letters from correspondents in that Regency referred in grateful terms to the energetic action taken by Mr. Reade, and pointed out that such a timely interposition was well adapted to put a check upon the frequent occurrence of similar outrages.
The Berlin Society for the education of Jewish orphans in Palestine has been indefatigable in its
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