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Cicl Moliamed Bargash at Tangier was not permitted to remain a dead letter. In a despatch dated 25tla January, Sir John D. Hay informed Earl Granville that the Edict conferring upon the Jews the privilege of an appeal had been read in all the Mosques of the Moorish dominion, and had been of a salutary effect. Cruelties against the Jews had become less frequent, except in certain places which Sir John named in his despatch, and to which he had directed the attention of the Moorish Sultan.
The Sultan's Government had also written to the Governor of Tarodant, warning him to desist from his offensive treatment of the Jews. The latter, as also the Mahomedan population, had likewise been warned to keep within the bounds of approved behaviour.
The Jews Under the Coercion of Walking Barefoot.—The Council having collected statistics concerning the rule by which the Jews are compelled to walk barefoot through certain localities inhabited by the Moors, and the subject having been brought under the notice of the Joint Committee of Delegates, a memorial was forwarded to Her Majesty's Government on the 28th April, in which it was pointed out, that " this barbarous usage gives rise both to physical and to social degradation, whilst it fosters and encourages the contemptuous treatment which the Jews have to endure at the hands of their Moorish fellow-subjects." Following the opinion of some correspondents of the Anglo-Jewish Association, it was suggested in the Memorial that an edict should be issued by the Sultan to abolish this objectionable
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