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tenth annual report.
to the evidence obtained in Morocco, M. Hecquard, First Dragoman of the French Legation in Tangier, had sent a messenger to the local Governor, in this instance represented by a Deputy-Governor, to state that Zahra Toledano had made herself amenable to punishment and expulsion from the city. The Deputy-Governor, to whom M. Hecquard's message was wrongly delivered, ordered that the woman should be bastinadoed, and subsequently he extorted a fine from her. M. Hecquard, on hearing what had happened, caused the attention of Cid Mohamed Bargash, the Moorish Minister for Foreign Affairs, to be directed to the occurrence, and demanded that due reparation should be made to the poor woman. M. de Vernouillet, the French Minister at Tangier, fully supported this demand. Reports reflecting unfavourably both on M. de Vernouillet and M. Hecquard's conduct in this matter having been circulated, these gentlemen publicly declared that their attitude would not be affected by any hostile rumours, and that they would at all times use their best endeavours to afford all the protection which the Jews might require from the French authorities.
From subsequent intelligence the Council learnt that, through the interposition of M. De Vernouillet, Zahra Toledano had accepted as satisfactory a compensation of 400 francs, and had thereupon abandoned all claims for further compensation.
Edict for Tolerant Treatment of the Jews.—The privilege by which the Jews were permitted to bring any special cases of grievance to the knowledge of
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