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of the Governor. This man underwent various ill-treatments, and a chain was put round his neck and fastened to the roof. To escape from being strangled he had to stand on tiptoe. Whilst in this position he was flogged every day for purposes of extortion. The same Governor had on many occasions unlawfully caused the Jews to abandon their claims upon Mahomedan debtors.
City of Morocco.—Complaints of similar cruelties were current about the conduct of the Governor of the City of Morocco. This official seemed anxious to extend and enforce the practice of compelling the Jews to walk barefoot through the thoroughfares in the Moorish quarter. Correspondents of the Association having brought these grievances to the knowledge of Sir John Drummond Hay, he made effectual remonstrances to the Sultan.
Tangier.—In December intelligence was received from Morocco that a Jewish woman named Zahra Toledano had been bastinadoed by order of an officer of the French Legation at Tangier. The particulars were immediately notified to the Alliance Israelite, within whose province it was to institute the necessary inquiries-. At the same time Mr. Serjeant Simon, M.P., brought the subject to the notice of the House of Commons, and was informed by Sir Charles Dilke, the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, that the Government had received from Her Majesty's Minister a report of the occurrence, and that the attention of the French Government had been called to the alleged action of their official at Tangier. According
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