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tenth annual report.
which had belonged to the murdered man. As is usual in such instances, he coerced some of the Jewish residents to declare that his proceedings had been free from cruelty, and that, in fact, he was benevolently disposed towards the Jews.
The correspondence on this outrage was continued until the end of February, when the Council received the assurance that Her Majesty's Minister at Tangier had urged on the Sultan's Government to compensate the family of Dalian, and to inflict condign punishment on the Governor.
Information has recently been received that the Governor of Entifa had seized upon a Jew, Menahem ben Bezoo, under the following circumstances : —■ Menahem had on his way to the city of Morocco discovered the corpse of a Jew. He forthwith applied for notaries to attend at the identification of the body, but was taken prisoner by the Sheikh, who sent him to the Governor of Entifa. Menahem ben Bezoo was only set at liberty after the Governor had mulcted him of 040 dollars. The Council have brought this subject to the knowledge of Her Majesty's Government, with the request that inquiries should be made into the alleged facts.
Takodant.—Complaints were also received about the cruelty of the Governor of Tarodant, who arbitrarily put the Jews in fetters or placed them in stocks, and then tortured them most barbarously. An instance was given of the cruelty to which a Jew named Acco ben Yahia had been subjected by order
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