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Board, of Deputies, Mr. Henry Harris and Mr. Lewis Emanuel. At this interview Sir John entered into full particulars concerning the relations which existed between the Jews and the surrounding populations, and courteously offered to give such explanations as the Delegates might desire to obtain.
Mr. Henriques, after thanking Sir John on behalf of the Deputation for the opportunity of conferring with him on the subject of their co-religionists in Morocco, adverted to the following points:
(1.) The two Bodies represented by the Deputation wished to express the great importance they attached to that part of the despatch communicated by Earl Granville, wherein Sir John generously declared his readiness to assist in procuring redress for Jewish subjects of the Sultan, it having been apprehended that under the new arrangements, when Jews would have to state their grievances direct to Cid Mohamed Bargasli, they would be precluded from enjoying the benevolent interposition of the Representatives of Foreign Powers.
(2.) Bearing in view that, according to trustworthy statistics, more than 200 Jews, chiefly traders, had been assassinated in Morocco, and that the insecurity of life was mainly attributable to the absence of proper and secure highways, it became desirable to bring to the cognisance of Sir John a wish frequently expressed by persons conversant with the state of Moorish affairs, viz., that he should be solicited to impress on the Moorish Government the necessity of encouraging the construction


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