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Rabat to Alcazar were killed for similar purposes of plunder. The authorities, as usual, were not ready to punish the criminals.
The foregoing facts were submitted to a meeting of the Joint Committee of Delegates, who resolved that the details should be communicated to the Foreign Secretary, to whom a letter, signed by the Presidents of the two Boards, was accordingly sent in the month of September.
In despatches received from the Foreign Office on February 11th and March 1st, the Anglo-Jewish Association was informed that Sir John Drummond Hay had with good effect urged on the Sultan's Government to punish, by means of fines, the murderers of Jews near Alcazar, Arzila, Taza, and Shedma. The amount of the fine in respect of the murder of Samuel Benoliel was 900 dollars, which was ordered to be paid to the family of the murdered man.
Interview with Sir John Drummond Hay.— In the despatch from Tangier, dated July 21st, Sir John Drummond Hay stated that he was willing to explain to a Deputation of the Board of Deputies and the Anglo-Jewish Association the part he had taken in securing the protection of the Jews in Morocco. The Joint Committee of Delegates, desiring to avail themselves of this kind offer, arranged to have an interview with Sir John on the 16th of September, when the following gentlemen waited upon him : — On the part of the Anglo-Jewish Association, Mr. Alfred Gr. Henriques and the Rev. A. Lowy; on the part of the
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