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I have, in past despatches, informed Her Majesty's Government that I have no knowledge except within the last two or three years, and then only on three or four occasions, of cases where the Foreign Representatives at Tangier, with the exception of myself, have made written representations to this Government on the subject of outrages suffered by the Jewish population ; in fact, as I have stated on more than one occasion, when I have inquired of the Jewish elders at Tangier, who have frequently asked for my intervention, why they did not address themselves also to the other representatives, they have invariably replied, " It is no use, they will do nothing."
I have been assured by Cid Mohamed Bar gash that he has rarely received any representations on such subjects from the other representatives ; and that, having had no authority from the Sultan to interfere in cases affecting the Jews, he had not been able to take an active part in exposing to His Majesty the tyranny of the Governors, or in urging that justice should be done. I may have, however, been kept in ignorance regarding the action of my colleagues at the Moorish court, and it would be a satisfaction for me if the Presidents of the Associations were requested to communicate to your Lordship a list of the cases where successful results had been obtained from the direct representations made by foreign agents to the Sultan or his ministers regarding- the 205 Jews who it is alleged have been assassinated during the last fifteen years, and also to state who were the foreign representatives who had made those representations.
I have during a long course of years repeatedly used my good offices on behalf of Jews who may have been oppressed, but I have experienced considerable difficulty from the fact of the Moorish Minister for Foreign Affairs, who is the official channel through which the communications of the foreign representatives ought properly to be made, declining, from fear of giving offence at the Court, to mix himself up in affairs over which he declared he had no control, and I consequently have frequently addressed private or officious letters to the Sultan's Chief Vizir, sometimes with a successful issue, but frequently having to await weeks and months before I could elicit a reply.
About two years ago, when a murder of a Jewish family took place near Larache, I addressed a letter to the Court, and I was subsequently informed by the Italian Minister that he had also addressed a note on the same subject to the Vizir, and had felt much displeased that his representations had not been properly attended to.
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