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walk barefoot through certain thoroughfares, but that with the abandonment of that usage the compact of granting them the right of settlement would be annulled.
It would seem to us that the assertion that the Mahomedan population would oppose the abolition of this last-mentioned usage is not in accordance even with recent facts, for years ago, through the intervention of English Jews and Christians, the Governor of Azimour was prevailed upon to permit the abrogation of the rule for compelling the Jews to walk barefoot through the town, and no resistance whatever was experienced on the abandonment of this barbarous usage.
In conclusion we beg leave to remind your Lordship that the general situation of the Jews in Morocco has never been improved by any spontaneous action on the part of the native authorities, but that all amelioration which has been effected has been obtained through the humane and energetic interposition of the Representatives of the Foreign Powers; and we respectfully solicit Her Majesty's Government on behalf of our coreligionists in Morocco a continuance of the direct benefits of protection whenever required, and to give effect as far as practicable to the representations made in our recent Memorial to your Lordship on behalf of the Jews in Morocco.
We have the honour to remain,
Your Lordship's most obedient and most humble Servants, J. M. Montefiore, H. de Worms,
President' of the President of the
Board of Deputies. Anglo-Jewish Association.
The Right Hon. the
Earl Granville, E.G.,
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
This memorial elicited tlie following letter from Her Majesty's Minister at Tangier to Earl Granville, who forwarded a copy of it to the Joint Committee :—
My Lord, July 21st, 1880.
I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your Lordship's despatch, No. 61, of the 8th inst., transmitting for any observation I may have to make the copy of a memorial
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