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to the Governor of Shedma to send the parties accused of the murder prisoners to the Governor of Saffee, in order that the case be proceeded with according to law, so that justice be done, and he has written to that effect to the Governor of Saffee, and the latter is to attend to the case and see that justice be done. As to the Skeikh of Jews murdered in Tazu, the Sultan has written to the Governor of that town to search for the murderers, and to ascertain whether they were people of the town or of the country. The affair is still in suspense, but the Sultan has renewed stringent orders upon the subject, and some of the persons arrested who are suspected are even relatives of the Sultan.
Mahomed Ben Alarby Ben Moktsar.
The foregoing documents having been considered by the Joint Committee of Delegates of the Anglo-Jewish Association and the Board of Deputies at a meeting held on the 17th June, 1880, it appeared to the Committee that it might be detrimental to the interests of the Morocco Jews if they, whilst oppressed by tyrannical Governors, should venture to appeal to Cid Mohamed Bar gash at Tangier. The Joint Committee therefore forwarded the memorial to the Secretary of State for Affairs:—
22nd June, 1880.
My Lord,
We beg leave to refer to the printed papers (marked 91), which your Lordship was pleased to transmit to us on the 12th inst. respecting certain arrangements which had been proposed by H. B. M.'s Minister at Tangier to H. M. the Sultan in Morocco, with the object of enabling Jewish subjects of the Sultan to bring their complaints and grievances to the direct cognisance of Cid Mohamed Bar gash, the Moorish Minister at Tangier.
It is our sincere conviction, that if Her Majesty's Representative had been acquainted with the terms of the Memorial which we recently had the honour to present to your Lordship,
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