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and our Lord has written to Cid Mohamed Bargash regarding the Jews in conformity with your suggestions, and has directed that he bring under his knowledge all cases and complaints, and that no one should venture to prevent these appeals reaching His Majesty, for our Lord the Sultan desires that justice should be done to all his subjects, whether Jewish or others. It is, of course, to be understood that complaints put forward without proofs, evidence, or sufficient grounds will not be attended to, but, on the other hand, those which are proved to be true the inhabitants of the districts where the crimes may have been committed will be held responsible, and be compelled to pay penalties. The three especial cases you have referred to have been brought under the knowledge of the Sultan. Had you been aware of the communications which had already passed between us and the Governors upon these cases you would have known that many persons have already been arrested upon mere suspicion, without good proofs, and that even a relative of the Sultan, a Shereef, has been arrested on account of the murder at Tazu, and thus you would have known that they, the Jews, have deceived you in stating that no attention has been paid to their complaints. It is hardly necessary that I should point out to you how much exaggeration takes place in the statements of the Jews ; nevertheless we shall take active steps in conformity with the law, and cause justice to be done to them.
It will be necessary for the future that when Jews travel they should be careful not to give offence in their language or acts to the Mahomedans. In past times thev were more careful.
With regard to the Jews being compelled to take off their shoes (in certain towns), it is an ancient usage which was adopted when the Jews were allowed to establish themselves in these dominions; they then bound themselves to observe this usage, and if it was done away with the pact with them would cease also to be in force.
As the Ooolama and Moorish population would regard with displeasure an alteration of this usage, it is to be feared that serious injury might arise to the Jews if an attempt was made to alter it.
As to the case of the Jewess of Alcassar, stringent orders have been issued to the Governor Abassy to cause full justice to be done, and if not, the parties accused of having committed the crime are to be sent prisoners to the Court.
As to the case of Gabay, our Lord the Sultan has written
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