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Enclosure in No. 126.
Cid Mohameb Ben Moktsar to Sir J. Drtjmmond Hay.
25 Joomacl, 1297 (Jlay 5th, 1880).
We have received the memorandum in which it is stated that the reports which have reached foreign Governments, through the Jewish Associations, in Europe, of murders and robberies of their brethren in these dominions, and that the latter cannot obtain justice, as a deaf ear is turned to their pleadings, have produced very unfavourable impressions regarding the state of government in Morocco. You further state that the Jewish subjects of the Sultan declare that not only they cannot obtain justice, but that they are cruelly oppressed, and, amongst other grievances complained of, is mentioned that of their being compelled to take off their shoes in the cities of Fez and Mequinez.
You make known also to us that there are three cases of murder where redress has not been afforded. first, that ot Mesooda, daughter of Draag, who states her husband, Isaac of Alcassar, was murdered at Ain Ekeer, in the Government of Habassy, and that his animals and property and some legal documents were stolen ; secondly, that of the murder of the Jew Mesod Ben Yousef Gabay, of Almarmar, and that his son declares his father was murdered when proceeding from the town of Saffee to Marmara, and that several people accompanied him; and, thirdly, the murder of the Skeikh. of the Jews at Tazu.
We have understood also all that you suggest, namely, that Cid Mohamed Bargash should be authorized by the Sultan to receive the complaints and appeals of those J ews who cannot obtain justice from the Governors, and that he should report these cases to the Sultan, when he is unable to obtain a just settlement, and that the Shereefian orders should be transmitted to the Governors of the towns, ports, and provinces, and that a notification be also addressed to all the Jewish communities of this arrangement, and further, you recommend that the Governors should be warned that if they or others hinder the Jews from presenting their complaints or appeals to Bargash, that our Lord the Sultan will severely punish them.
We have communicated your language to our Lord the Sultan, and he has taken oil you have said into consideration,
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