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have been made by the Sultan of Morocco with the view of endeavouring to secure a better administration of justice to his Jewish subjects.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient, humble Servant,
Rev. A. Lowy,
Secretary of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
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Sir J. Drtjmmond Hay to the Marquis of Salisbury.— (Received May 31.)
Camp at Sherarda, May 13, 1880.
My Lord,
I did not receive written replies to the various notes and memorandums which I had presented for the consideration of the Sultan until the evening of my departure from Fez; I shall not therefore have time to translate them all until I return to Tangier, but as I think it desirable that Her Majesty's Minister at Madrid should be put in possession without loss of time of the arrangements which have been made by the Sultan in consequence of my representations, with the view of endeavouring to secure a better administration of justice to his Jewish subjects, I forward by a special courier this despatch, under flying seal to Mr. West, inclosing the translation of a letter addressed to me by the Vizir, making-known by desire of the Sultan the instructions which have been given to Oid Mohamed Bar gash,' and the Royal orders that have been sent to the Governors of the towns and provinces regarding the mode of procedure to be adopted when Jews are denied justice by the Sultan's officers.
In a private audience of the Sultan I brought under the notice of His Majesty the oppression and injustice which his Jewish subjects suffer from, and I stated to His Majesty that many of the Governors of the provinces turned a deaf ear to the pleadings of relatives of Jews who had been murdered and their property carried off. I suggested that the Jewish population of Morocco should be empowered by the Sultan to select one or two deputies of their creed to reside at the Court, and that these persons should be authorized to report to His
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