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determination that all sections of his subjects should be brought over to the dominant Abyssinian Church. The Council having caused inquiries to be made into this subject, received intelligence which seemed to confirm the rumour that the Falasha Jews would be coerced by the King to embrace the religion of the country. The facts were made known by this Association to the Alliance Israelite, and it was pointed out that France was the only country which had a Consular Representative at Massowah, near the borders of Abyssinia. Acting upon this suggestion, the Alliance put itself in communication with the French Consular Agent to ascertain whether there was ground for apprehending that the religion of the Falasha Jews was endangered, and also whether, independently of all other circumstances, the interposition of the French Agent might be of advantage to the Abyssinian Jews.
At the request of the Council the foregoing facts were communicated by a distinguished correspondent to Dr. Rohlfs, who has recently returned from his travels in Africa. Dr. Rohlfs addressed The Times upon this subject, in a letter dated the 3rd of June. In a private letter to that correspondent he states: " I can give you the positive assurance that King John has no intention whatever to christianise the Falaslias."* It is true that the King compelled the Mahomedans in his country to embrace Christianity, after giving them the option of either emigrating or being baptised. But there has never been an idea
* Dr. Kohlfs here refers to the source from which the false rumour appears to have emanated.
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