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instruction. Efforts are being made by the Council to overcome the difficulties which are in the way of the establishment of the desired school.
Distress in North Western Persia.—Successive appeals reached the Association during a great part of the year from famine-stricken districts in Persia. These were referred to special committees. On several occasions the applications were made known to private persons, and, through the press, to the Jewish public in general. Petitions received during the month of March were referred to the Rev. the Chief Eabbi, under whose auspices generous contributions were collected for the relief of the applicants.
From the 25th March to the 8th April the Council received a succession of telegrams and letters which urgently drew attention to the anarchy amongst the Greek population of Alexandria, and to the danger to which the Jewish inhabitants were exposed in consequence of a revival of the old accusation that the Jews were making use of Christian blood in their preparations for the rites of Passover. The death of a Greek boy, who had been drowned, gave rise to the propagation of this calumny.
The Council of the Association took immediate steps to draw the attention of Her Majesty's Government to these facts, with the view of obtaining
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