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Ispahan applying for assistance to establish a Boys-7 School, and also to erect for the benefit of the Jewish inhabitants a bathing-house, since the Jews are not permitted to have access to Mahomedan bath-houses. This application was strongly supported both by the Armenian Archbishop, who resides in the vicinity of Ispahan, and by Mr. Agenoor, the British agent there, who had visited London in the summer of 1880, and with whom the Secretary of the Anglo-Jewish Association then had an interview.
From subsequent letters it appeared that Jewish women at Ispahan had to resort to a bathing-house which was owned by a Mahomedan, and that there they were subjected to great indignities and insults. It was stated that the Ispahan Jews were too poor to erect such an establishment at their own expense, and that they had no means for building a school-house.
With regard to the establishment of a school the difficulties in complying with the requests of the Jews in Ispahan are increased by the circumstance that at present no competent teacher can be found [to undertake the organisation and management of any school in Persia.
Ispahan letters further stated that the Jewish population had to endure great annoyances from a Jewish convert to Mahomedanism. I his man had spread a false report that a certain Jew, formerly residing in Ispahan, had died as a Mahomedan. The effect of such change of religion would be that the orphans of the deceased man would be compelled to become
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