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•which has taken place since that was effected, and the absolute melting away like snow of all those prejudices, not only political but social, which certainly, when I came first into public life, were extreme. (Hear, hear.) I am glad to find that the members of this deputation have followed the example of their predecessors; and I think I can say for myself that I am not aware of not having taken advantage of any opportunity in my power of doing what I thought judicious for the improvement of the position of the Jews in countries where they are less favoured than in our own. (Hear, hear.) At the same time, it must be remembered that all nations are jealous of interference with their internal concerns, and this is especially so with regard to the great Powers of Europe. I had only last week to make a speech connected with Russia with regard to our refusal to join in a Conference on another subject, and I then pointed out how exceedingly sensitive we are in this country in everything which appears like compulsion from foreign countries with regard to our internal legislation. I even quoted an instance where a popular minister was turned out of office for proposing to do that which everyone agreed was quite right, merely from the suspicion that he had been instigated to the task by a foreign Power. While remembering this we may consider what is the best to be done. Now I am myself perfectly convinced that it would not be judicious to make official representations on this subject to the Russian Government. I agree with the speaker who said that the prejudices are greatest amongst the mass of the Russian people; but I do not agree with those who have said that a strong representation from a foreign Government would strengthen the hands of the Russian Government. I think that in many instances it might weaken the hands of the Government, who, I believe, are infinitely more enlightened than the mass of the people on the subject. I feel very strongly that if any representations are made they should not be official representations, and moreover that they should not be public. As regards the second question, which has reference to those fearful riots and loss of life and property to the Jews, I am glad to notice that the deputation has disclaimed imputing to the Russian Government any complicity in these unfortunate proceedings ; indeed all the evidence is in the contrary direction. Mr. Wyndham reported on the 11th May serious riots, accompanied with acts of great violence against the Jews, which lately occurred at Elizabethgrad and Kieff, that, according to the Official Gazette, though order had been re-established in the
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