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to the same extent the same thing prevails in Russia, and consequently if by friendly representations to the Russian Ambassador here the hands of the Russian Government can be strengthened and a stop put to these outrages, I think you would be doing a service not only to the Jews but to humanity.
Mr. Serjeant Simon, M.P., spoke as follows : " My Lord, of course I need not say that we do not come here to ask Her Majesty's Government to dictate to Russia, but we do think, considering the friendly relations at present subsisting between the two countries, that service might be done if friendly communications were to take place through the Russian Ambassador at this Court. We are very much encouraged by the news we have received this morning of the reception given by the Emperor of Russia to a Jewish deputation. I will not go into the particulars of the atrocities which have taken place at Kieff, Odessa and other places, but I wish to call your Lordship's attention to this fact, that these atrocities have gone on under the eyes of the authorities who might have prevented them or checked them in their progress. At Odessa it was well known for days before that the Jews were to be attacked, but no steps, no preventive measures were taken in order to secure protection to the unfortunate Jews. Crowds assembled, and when the soldiers came they were so few that they could not make their way through the mob. They did not fire and they did nothing to check what was going on. Jewish soldiers were attacked and killed in the ranks alongside their comrades, and in the presence of their officers without interference. In one case a Jewish soldier of the engineers was killed. Although there were present mounted police and Cossacks, the atrocities went on, and Jewish schools were sacked and burnt. At Odessa the whole Jewish quarter was plundered and the people subjected to the most cruel treatment; in fact these proceedings were a repetition of the Bulgarian atrocities. As to the claims of England with regard to the rights of her subjects visiting Russia, that is an international question; but it is well to bear in mind that, inasmuch as the law is levelled against the Jews, no matter from what country they may come, even a British subject may be expelled the Empire, and so long as a law of that kind remains, the Jews can have little hope for their safety. My hon. and learned friend, Mr. Cohen, has said that this is a matter that might be dealt with in the future, when every Power might be invited to join in representing to Russia the impolicy of continuing such a state of things
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