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tenth annual report.
donations for that purpose, and to send the same to an accredited Committee in St. Petersburg, who were ready to watch over the careful distribution of the gifts. When this report was sent to the press, Messrs. Cohen and Sons had received donations exceeding the sum of £5,600.
Deputation to Earl Granville.—In conformity with the expressed desire of the Anglo-Jewish Association and of the Board of Deputies, it was arranged that a Deputation should wait upon Earl Granville, Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, on Tuesday the 24th of May, to confer with his Lordship upon the present imperilled situation of Russian Jews.
Baron Henry de Worms, M.P., by whom the deputation was introduced, addressed Earl Granville as follows:—
" My Lord, I have the honour of introducing to you a deputation of the Board of Deputies and the Anglo-Jewish Association. In conjunction with Sir Julian Goldsmid, Mr. Serjeant Simon, Mr. Mocatta, and many other gentlemen, it is my privilege to represent the Anglo-Jewish Association. These two bodies representing the Jewish community generally, we have ventured to come here to-day, respectfully to ask your Lordship, on behalf of the Government of Her Majesty the Queen, to take such steps as you may think possible with a view of ameliorating the condition of the Jews in Russia, and to prevent, as far as interference may prevent, the recurrence or continuance of the terrible outrages which are now taking place in that country. My Lord, I need scarcely say in approaching this very difficult subject, I do so without the smallest tinge of party feeling whatever. In fact, I should not be doing my duty to those gentlemen I represent here, and I should be wanting in my duty towards you and to the Government were I to show, in the slightest degree, any tinge of political feeling. I say this in order to prevent any impression of that
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