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British passport duly vised by the Russian Consul-General in London, was expelled from St. Petersburg, to which place he had proceeded on business in September last, on the sole ground that he was a Jew, there being no cause of complaint, political or otherwise, alleged against him."
Outkages upon the jews.—The crimes wliicli in the months of April and May were committed by lawless Russian mobs upon defenceless Jewish populations, in Elizabethgrad as also in numerous other localities, excited universal sympathy, and were promptly brought under the notice of Parliament by the President of the Anglo-Jewish Association. Immediately after those occurrences the Council held a special meeting to consider what action should be taken, and they entered into correspondence with the kindred institutions abroad. Concurrent opinions were expressed on all sides that the only action which could be usefully taken would consist in promptly sending contributions to those Russian Jews who
during the
recent outrages had lost their homes and
their means of subsistence. It having been agreed that there should be but one channel for transmitting the necessary remittances, the Council instructed the Secretary to direct the attention of the Branches of the Association to the charitable movement which had been set on foot in the metropolis, and to request that all contributions for the relief of the Russian Jews should be forwarded to Messrs. Louis Cohen and Sons.* This firm had kindly undertaken to receive
* The Congregations to whom the Secretary of the Anglo-Jewisli Association addressed appeals responded most liberally. As all the statements to be made by the several contributing Branches have not yet been received, an exact record of the result of the collections will be made in the next Animal Report.
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