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joint committee. — eoumania.
The Delegates of the Anglo-Jewish Association brought to the notice of the Representatives of the Board of Deputies the steps which had been initiated with respect to the Alexandrian Jews, who were labouring under the calumny of a blood accusation, and with respect to the Falasha Jews in Abyssinia, who, it was alleged, were threatened with a religious persecution.
Emigration.—A movement having been set on foot by some persons in England to promote the emigration of Jewish families from Roumania to Palestine, the Council instituted inquiries into the practicability of the scheme, and obtained from competent correspondents carefully drawn up statements, which showed that the proposed emigrants were ill-qualified for the agricultural pursuits they were expected to follow in Palestine.
Grievances.—In the course of last winter the Council were informed that in the town of Oniscani six Jewish publicans had been ordered by the local authorities to give up their business, and the question arose as to the steps which should be taken to protect persons thus arbitrarily deprived of their means of subsistence. The Council having conferred with the Alliance Israelite on this subject, concurred in the opinion that the grievance could not be taken up in a foreign country, and that the persons injured by the tyranny of local officials should, in the
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