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correspondent of the Anglo-Jewish Association, was deservedly elected, the head of the new Branch, which is expected to be the medium for spreading the advantages of a sound Jewish Education amongst the children of the working classes.
No provision being made in the laws of the Association for the establishment of Branches in foreign countries, the adherents of the Anglo-Jewish Association at Tangier in Morocco, and at Alexandria in Egypt, are now constituting among themselves " Committees of Members," and they will thus maintain a connection with the Parent Body, which cannot fail to be of mutual advantage.
In Leeds, Mr. H. Worms, the Hon. Secretary of the Branch has, through exemplary energy, succeeded in more than doubling the number of adherents. In Cape Town, the Rev. J. Rabinowitz has likewise exerted himself with success, and obtained additional support, notwithstanding the unfavourable condition of the Colony. That gentleman, as well as other active Members of the Association, undertook to open communications with the Jewish residents at Kimberley, where the Council hope to obtain a useful Branch.
During the past year, the Anglo-Jewish Association received from its Branches, Agencies, and Committees of Members the contributions specified in the following tables *:—
Those Branches and Agencies whose remittances had not arrived when this Report was sent to the press, will, it is hoped, figure in the Eeport for the ensuing year, with contributions for two years.
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