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of Middlesborough joined the Anglo-Jewish Association in the month of January, when the Rev. A. Lowy, Secretary of the Association, paid a visit to that town, aa also to Newcastle-on-Tyne, where he, jointly with Mr. Louis Hyams, of Birmingham, effected an increase in the number of adherents. At the same time Mr. Lowy also visited Sunderland and West Hartlepool, where the Branches were advantageously reconstituted, and filially Bradford, where lie had an opportunity of meeting the active Local Committee, to whom he gave an account of the pending work. The Association has to be congratulated on the acqui-sition of two valuable Branches in Canada. Mr. Mark Samuel, formerly of Liverpool, and Mr. Alfred D. Benjamin, formerly of London, deserve and have received the warmest thanks of the Council foi the heartiness and energy with which they took up the task of forming a Branch at Toronto, and subsequently put themselves in communication with leading men in Montreal, under whose auspices a powerful Branch was organised. In each instance the names of the principal Members hold out a promise that the Association will gain a permanent footing
in the Community.
A notable acquisition has also been made in Bombay, where many members of the Beiii Israel Community have joined together to form a Branch oi the Anglo-Jewish Association. It is impossible to speak too highly of the good feeling which was evinced by the originators of the Bombay Branch. Mr. Haeem Samuel, of Poona, who for years has been a valued
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