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maintained which in itself has greatly facilitated the work of the Council.
The Anglo-Jewish Association has also profited by the ever ready co-operation of such powerful bodies as the Alliance Israelite Universelle in Paris, the Alliance in Vienna, the Gremeindebund in Germany, the Union of Hebrew Congregations in America, and last, though not least, the Board of Deputies in London.*
Whenever the action of the Council has been called into operation, it has been happily proved that the combined efforts of Jews in free countries can be made a great factor in the advancement of the liberty and the culture of less prosperous Jewish Communities. The Council are thus sustained in their effort to conduct the affairs of the Anglo-Jewish Association in such a manner as to afford to its increasing number of members the privilege and the satisfaction of working hand in hand for two great objects : for the loyal assertion of those civil and political rights which belong to unemancipated and oppressed classes of Jews, and for the successful extension of Jewish education. These two objects form part of the earnest aspirations of the Jew; they claim universal sympathy, and cannot fail to identify every right-minded member of the Community with the work undertaken by the Anglo-J ewish Association.
* On the joint work with the Board of Deputies, see pp. 18 and 19.
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