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tenth annual report.
The Proposed Intercolonial Jewish Conference.—The proposition mentioned in our last Annual Report—with reference to the holding of an Intercolonial Jewish Conference on matters appertaining' to the welfare of the Jewish communities of Australia and New Zealand, and for promoting the interests of the Association—has been exhaustively discussed. Circulars, inviting the presence of delegates from the various centres of Australasia, were issued, but the Committee regret to say that the returns were such as led them to believe that the time for holding such Conference was inopportune, and they were reluctantly obliged to postpone the matter until a more favourable opportunity.
The Anti-Jewish Agitation in Germany. — The Committee view with much regret the antagonistic feeling now prevailing in Germany against the Jews, and trust that before long our brethren in that country will be enabled to live on friendly terms with their Christian fellow-citizens.
The late Rev. Moses Rintel.—It is with deep and heartfelt regret the Committee have to record the death of the Rev. Moses Rintel, one of the founders of this Branch, and an earnest worker in the interests of the Association.
The Objects of the Association.—The Committee conclude by again drawing the attention of the Members to the creat benefits that are derived, through the existence of the Anglo-Jewish Association, by those of our faith who have the misfortune to live in semi-civilised countries. The Anglo-Jewish Association, with the Alliance Israelite TTniverselle, educates them, clothes them, and protects them, so that they may become independent of all charitable aid, and able to plead their own cause when wronged or persecuted. The Committee beg of each Member to use his individual endeavours to bring within the membership of the Association every Jew in this Colony who is proud of his race and his religion, and who is willing to assist those great philanthropists in the home country whose work is continuous in all that may prove beneficial towards raising the moral status of the persecuted Jews in the dark corners of the world.
E. L. ZOX, President. NAH.UM BARNET, Eon. Sec.
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