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Ephraim L. Zox, Esq., M.P., President.
Isaac Jacobs, Esq., Vice-President and Treasurer. Nahum Barnet, Esq., Hon. Secretary.
Isaac Barnet, Esq., J.P. Philip Blashki, Esq. Bev. E. Blaubaum. Woolf Davis, Esq. Abraham Levy, Esq.
Edward Marks, Esq.
Mark Marks, Esq., J.P. Nelson S. Marks, Esq. Moses Moses, Esq., M.A. Aaron Waxman, Esq., J. P.
The Committee beg to submit their Seventh. Annual Report. The London Annual Report.—Communications have been carried on between this Branch and the Parent Association upon matters affecting the welfare of our co-religionists in the East and elsewhere. A full and comprehensive report is published by the London Association, detailing the efforts it is making oil behalf of our unfortunate brethren ; as soon as these reports reach Melbourne they will be distributed, and the Committee earnestly solicit from the Members a perusal of these most interesting publications.
The Jewish Gikls' Schools in the East.—The Committee seek the assistance of the Jewish ladies of this Colony on be-half of the establishment of Schools for Jewish girls in Con-stantinople and other parts of the East; a scheme patronised by the Laroness Burdett-Coutts and others, who subscribed, through the Association, most liberally to the fund. The Committee hope to chronicle in their next Annual Report a substantial collection made for this most worthy of objects.
The Smyrna School Fund Appeal.—In accordance with a request from the Rev. A. Lowy, an appeal has been made in this city on behalf of the 30,000 Jews of Smyrna, who require educational establishments and teachers. The appeal has been published in the Jewish Heralcl.
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