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sing an Orphan School in Jerusalem (page 61), in establishing an important School at Damascus (page 66), and in founding a promising educational establishment in Bombay. The facts relating to the Bombay School are fully stated in page 65, and will be found full of interest. The course thus pursued by the Council has reacted favourably even upon the material resources of the Association. Many members of the Beni Israel Community recorded their recognition of the services of the Anglo-Jewish Association by inscribing their names as members, and by establishing the " Bombay Branch," over which Mr. Iiaeem Samuel is presiding with great ability. With reference to the Bombay School, the Council have to express their cordial thanks to Colonel Waddington, Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools in the Bombay Presidency, for the valuable advice and assistance he has obligingly given to Mr. Haeem Samuel in the preliminaries of organising an Anglo- Vernacular School.
A great portion of the success, which in the past year the Council have achieved in their action for the protection of Jewish Communities and in the furtherance of education, is attributable to the aid afforded by the active Branches, Agencies, and "Committees of Members" in the provinces and in Gibraltar, in Canada, the Cape, Egypt, India, Jamaica, Morocco, New South Wales, New Zealand, South Australia and Victoria (Australia). The Committees of these Branches have been in constant communication with the Parent Body, and an interchange of opinions has thus been
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