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Copy of reply to the foregoing letter, addressed to the Honorary Secretary, Mr. Henry Worms :—
Avenue Eoad,
November 7th.
Dear Sir,
I beg you to convey to the President, Vice-President and Treasurer of the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, and to accept yourself, my best thanks for the kind congratulations and good wishes expressed in your letter, which are very gratifying. With best wishes for the prosperity of the Association,
Yours truly,
Eobert Lush.
Copy of a letter received from Mr. Serjeant Tindal Atkinson, late Judge of the Leeds County Court, addressed to the Honorary Secretary: —
St. Austin's, Datchet, near Windsor.
December 2nd, 1880.
Dear Mr. Worms,
Tours of the 30th ultimo has followed me here. I feel a deep interest in your movement, and heartily wish it full and complete success. No man, whatever may be his creed or country, who has followed the history of your marvellous race, but must feel how much the cause of human progress has been promoted by the genius of your people, their suffering for conscience sake, and the endurance with which they have vindicated a sublime truth in the face of fire and of the sword. In any way'in which the use of my name may aid the objects you have in hand it is at your service. I enclose a small subscription, and again wishing success to the excellent objects of your praiseworthy Institution,
I remain,
Dear Mr, Worms,
Yours very truly,
H. Tindal Atkinson.
Henry Worms, Esq.
Copy of a resolution forwarded by the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association to the Right Honourable Lord Justice Lush on the death of Lady Lush:—
At the Annual Council Meeting of the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association held on the 18th April, 1881, it was proposed by Mr. Julius Zossenheim, President, seconded by Mr. Abraham Cohen, Vice-President, and resolved unanimously; " That this Branch desires to express to the Eight Honourable Lord Justice Lush its deepest sympathy and condolence on the
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