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to be influenced by calumnies which threaten the lives and the peace of unoffending fellow-creatures.
This prompt action was highly appreciated by the heads of the Jewish Community in Alexandria, who determined to affiliate themselves to the Anglo-Jewish Association, and to form in their city a << Committee of Members." With the utmost generosity they have contributed to the funds of the Anglo-Jewish Association a donation of the nominal value of £320, in Bonds, the interest of which suffices to make them perpetual members of the Association. In their correspondence with the Council they have stated their intention to obtain further sums from new supporters.
The benefit of prompt action has also been illustrated in the affairs of the Jews in Morocco, as is shown in this Report, pp. 42-—60. The details there set forth are an important contribution to the present history of the Jews in Morocco.
The Council have to refer with grateful acknowledgment, to the representations which, on various and pressing occasions, Her Majesty's Government were pleased to make to the Moorish Sultan relative to the Jews. Such interpositions, tending to protect the lives and the property of Jews living amongst barbarous races, have already had an excellent effect. They have enabled Sir John Drummond Hay, Hex-Majesty's Minister at Tangier, to report that as a result of the edict which the Sultan of Morocco issued with regard to the better treatment of the Jews—an edict which was read in all the Mosques of the
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