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Julius Zossenheim, Esq., President. Abraham Coiien, Esq., Vice-President. Paul Hihscii, Esq., Vice-President. Jacob Sloman, Esq., Treasurer.
Henry Worms, Esq., Hon. Secretary.

Morris Coiien, Esq. Moss Cohen, Esq. Edward Davis, Esq. Bernard Josephy, Esq.
Henry Josephy, Esq. Hyman Klugman, Esq. David Lubelski, Esq. Simon Tanenberg, Esq.
In issuing our Fourth. Annual Report we have to congratulate the Members on the great increase both in the financial and numerical position of the Branch in comparison with, former years, as a reference to previous Balance-Sheets ancl Lists of Subscribers will clearly demonstrate. In conformity with our recommendation (which appeared in last year's Report) to the Parent body and to its Branches at home and abroad, we took steps to enlist the sympathies of our Christian friends of all grades on behalf of the Association, not limiting the sphere of our labour to Leeds only, but extending it to many adjacent and other towns ; and we are gratified in being enabled to state that our efforts have been crowned with signal success.
The Branch is deeply indebted to the Right Honourable Lord Justice Lush, whose letter appeared in the Report for 1880, and to Mr. Serjeant Tindal Atkinson, whose communication is appended, for the great interest they have taken in the efforts of the Association, whereby they have considerably lightened the work of those members of the Branch who have solicited contributions from their Christian friends.
The honorary officers of the Branch on the occasion of the Right Honourable Mr. Justice Lush being appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal, addressed his lordship a letter congratulating him on that pleasing event. A copy of the letter addressed to the learned Judge, and the gratifying reply received thereto, are annexed.
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