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quake, the Council of this Association brought the case of the Jewish fugitive families to the notice of the Mansion House Relief Committee, who forwarded generous grants without distinction of creed. At a more recent date this Association was able efficiently to co-operate in the hour of need to bring help to the Jewish victims of popular fury in Russia.
But it is not always by mere grants of money that the unfortunate position of Jewish Communities is to be improved. There have been additional and powerful means of help at the command of the Council. The influence exercised by Members of the Anglo-Jewish Association and by various well-known coadjutors has contributed to avert a multitude of dangers to which Jews in remote countries are so often exposed. With regard to such opportune assistance, the Council refer with satisfaction to the following circumstances :■—-
Before the festival of Passover, some fanatics at Alexandria (Egypt) renewed the exploded calumnies known under the name of " blood accusations." The Council, on receiving information of the occurrence, put themselves in communication with the eminent Jewish philanthropist, Dr. Allatini in Sa-lonica, for the purpose of suggesting the adoption of precautions which might prevent the repetition of similar slanders. Dr. Allatini wrote a touching appeal to the Patriarch of the Greek Church at Constantinople, whom, in accordance with the wishes of the Council, he urged to issue a pastoral letter to the clergy of his Church, directing them to point out to their flocks the iniquity of allowing themselves
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